Flea Control Torquay

Get Excellent And Effective Flea Control And Removal Treatment Solutions In Torquay 

We are experts providing control treatments to get rid of flea infestation. Moreover, our flea control Torquay pest controllers exterminate all kinds of fleas, which includes human fleas, and dog and cat fleas. Also, there is a huge chance of getting fleas when you have pets at home. Additionally, if your pet is scratching more than usual, it can be a problem! 

Our flea exterminator provides excellent flea control and removal services in Torquay. Secondly, we carry flea treatment for houses at a very cost-effective price. Also, our exterminators use various methods like spraying for fleas and fumigation etc. To book our total care flea control services in Torquay, dial the toll-free number 03 4050 7720.

Why Should You Hire Us?

  • With years of experience in the pest control industry, our experts are the best choice to make sure your flea infestation is completely gone.
  • All the flea control treatments are carried out by our professional licensed exterminators.
  • We provide same-day emergency flea control and removal services. 
  • Our experts provide flea treatment for home and also for all commercial properties.
  • We provide affordable flea pest control services for the residents of Torquay.
  • You can book our experts 24×7, even on weekends and holidays. 
  • We use eco-friendly and non-toxic pesticides to eradicate fleas from your residential and commercial properties.

How To Identify Fleas By Your Own?

Fleas are dangerous as they jump great distances and survive for months without feeding. Therefore, identifying fleas is extremely crucial to properly deal with them. Our flea control Torquay experts break down facts to identify fleas.

Symptoms Of A Flea Bite

  • The swollen red lump of skin where the bite took place. 
  • The lump can turn into a blister within one or two days after the bite. 
  • Itchy sensation around the bite. 
  • Flea bite marks around the lower leg area and feet.

Physical Appearance Of A Flea

  • Light shade or deep brown. 
  • 3-8mm in length, wingless and flat oval in shape.
  • Have 6 legs. 
  • Small head and large hind legs.

Other Facts

  • A female flea lays around 50 plus eggs through the day, that is around 1000 eggs within a month.
  • Fleas attach to the host and feed for up to three hours.
  • They jump up to ×200 times compared to the length of their body. 
  • Fleas stay dormant and stay alive without feeding for Up to two months.
  • They are often confused with ticks, bedbugs and lice.

Cat Flea

Cat fleas are around 2-4mm long and are thick. Moreover, they are wingless and have long legs which helps them to jump around.  Secondly, they suck the blood of the cat and are found attached to the cat fur.

Dog Flea

Dog fleas are brown. Secondly, they look black on deep blood red after they feed on the host dog. Secondly, they are around 1-4mm in length, plus their larvae are off-white with a size of 5mm. Moreover, the dog fleas hide in the fur and are sometimes known to suck human blood as well. 

Human Flea

Adult human fleas are around 1.5-4mm in length and are overall flat. Their appearance is deep dark brown and is wingless. Moreover, human fleas have a piercing-sucking mouth which helps them feed on the human host. 

Got Fleas? Here’s What To Do When You Got Fleas! 

Fleas not only cause a nuisance but also increase the risk of many diseases in humans. Moreover, cats and dogs can develop mild fever or allergic dermatitis and internal paradises like a tapeworm. Furthermore, children can also be affected by these parasites through the pets. If you are having a flea infestation then don’t think twice and follow these basic steps 

  • A flea infestation can only be handled with professional control treatment, so first book a flea treatment.
  • Vaccum the active hiding spots such as carpets, upholstery, cracks, and crevices before the professionals arrive. 
  • Get follow-up services to ensure no fleas are left behind.
  • Book an appointment at the vet’s clinic for your pet dog and cat. 
  • Keep an extra keen eye for a week after the professional extermination treatment is done.

Our Full Flea Control & Removal Process We Follow In Torquay 

Understanding flea infestation and the life cycle is crucial for flea control treatments and removal. Once you book the flea control and removal services in Torquay, our experts follow a proper procedure. The following flea control methods are extremely effective in getting rid of fleas for a long time. Moreover, our procedure monitors every minute detail which is as follows:

Thorough Inspection

During the inspection, our flea control Torquay team identify the active spots of the fleas. Moreover, the infestation helps in understanding the type of flea and also the severity of the infestation. After the information gathered from the inspection, we set a perfect treatment plan for flea removal.

Habitat Modification/Physical Control And Removal

After the inspection is done, our experts decided if there is a need for dog fleas treatment or cat flea. Moreover, accordingly, we formulate a proper treatment and begin the removal services. We thoroughly treat the pet’s toys and bedding and provide a complete flea treatment for kittens and puppies. Moreover, we vacuum all the rugs, carpets, and upholstery and dispose of all the vacuum debris into a bin within an airtight bag. Also, we provide spraying of insecticides in the entire house, especially in the cracks and crevices. Moreover, we offer carpet flea treatment for residential and commercial properties as well. 

Chemical Treatments

In the chemical treatments, we aim to interrupt the life cycle of the flea. Moreover, our chemical treatment kills adult fleas and their eggs and larvae. Also, we use effective but eco-friendly and non-toxic pesticides to get rid of them for good.

Book Same-Day Emergency Flea Control And Removal Treatments In Torquay 

Our local Flea control Torquay experts provide complete flea control services for the same day. Therefore, for all emergencies, our local licensed and certified flea control experts are here to help! We provide a complete inspection and extermination process for flea control on the same day. As soon as you book our services, we arrive at your doorstep according to your convenience. Also, with our eco-friendly services, we provide safety for your family, pets and children. To book our same-day inspection and removal services for flea infestation in Torquay, call our toll-free company number today! 


How should I remove all the fleas from my home in Torquay?

To get rid of flea invasions from your property, make sure to book professional flea extermination services In Torquay. As fleas can stay up to two months without feeding, they tend to hide perfectly and reproduce effectively. Therefore, to break the lifecycle and get to every corner of the house, you need professional exterminators.

Can flea bites harm humans?

Yes. Flea bites are extremely dangerous and cause heart and breathing problems if bitten over a long time. Moreover, their bite causes pain and itchiness and amputation.

How to keep fleas away?

Getting fleas control treatment done every six months provides complete removal of fleas for a long time. Moreover, applying safe pesticides or flea repellents might do the trick.