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Rodent Control & Mouse Removal Service in Torquay

Even though they appear harmless, rodents can cause significant damage and impairment to human health and property. To get rid of them, fast action is required. If you have rodents in your house or business places, you might expect messes and interruptions. Rodents can contaminate and destroy the cleanliness of your home or business.

Our team for Rodent Control Torquay has the best service. We’ve been pest controlling all kinds of places for years with years of experience and technological assistance. You may rely on our Rodent Control Service Torquay for commercial and residential properties. To get rid of rodents and bugs in Torquay, you may depend on our experts.

Why Is Rodent, Mice, or Rat Extermination Necessary?

As a result of rodent infestation, many humans and their pets have been hospitalized. Black Plague was brought on by rats. This disease was responsible for the deaths of millions of people. Besides these, there are several reasons why rodent pest control is essential. Here are a few more particular reasons why these pests need to be dealt with as soon as possible: 

  • All of them pose quite substantial health hazards, and as such, they should not be undervalued.
  • Food contaminated by rodent droppings might lead to the spread of diseases like mouse typhoid or mild meningitis.
  • Leptospirosis can be contracted by direct contact with rodent droppings.
  • Blood-sucking fleas that infest rats spread the Rickettsia typhi bacteria to people. Murine Typhus fever can spread as a result of this.
  • Rats and mice can infect humans with rat-bite fever if they bite.
  • Asthma symptoms are frequently brought on by allergens that rodents bring into the house.
  • Ticks carried by many mice can transmit Lyme disease.
  • Rodents frequently damage the electrical wire.

Some Rodent-Infected Diseases and Symptoms

This is a list of diseases carried by rats, rodents, and insects that feed or travel on these rodents, such as fleas and ticks.

  • Hantavirus

The Hantavirus is a potentially deadly disease with no specific treatment, cure, or vaccine. It is most commonly found in white-footed mice, cotton rats, and rice rats. Muscle aches in the hips, backs, and thighs and fever, exhaustion, and abdominal pain are all signs of gastroenteritis (GERD).

  • Lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus

The standard house mouse is the most common host for the LCMV virus. In most cases, LCMV is divided into two stages. Nausea, vomiting, headaches, muscle aches, and a lack of appetite are symptoms of the initial stage. Meningitis, encephalitis, or meningoencephalitis can arise during the second stage, predominantly neurological.

  • Plague

Yes, that’s correct. The plague, which killed millions of people in medieval times, might still be lurking in the cracks of your floorboards and walls now. A plague may be as near as a single infected flea bite for the most basic type of the disease. The epidemic is caused by the same bacteria, Yersinia pestis, in several forms (bubonic, septicemic, pneumonic). A person’s immune system, blood system, and respiratory system are considered while determining which type of plague a person has contracted. The kind of ailment determines the symptoms. Antibiotics, administered as soon as symptoms appear, are essential for treating sickness and preventing mortality.

  • Rat-bite fever

This isn’t the newest dance fad, either. If a person has been bitten by an infected rodent, has handled an infected rodent (even if no bite or scratch occurs), or has swallowed the bacterium, they can get Rat Bite Fever, as the name implies. Fever, skin rash, headaches, vomiting, rash, and muscle discomfort are all symptoms of Ebola.

We Have Pest Control Methods That Work For All Types of Rodents

  • Norway Rats Control

This is the larger of the two pest rats: the Norway rat, or common rat, or sewer rat, or brown rat. It is common for them to live for nine and a dozen months. The usual litter size is 8-10 puppies, and females can have as many as six litters a year. The gestation period is 21 days, and sexual development occurs between 3 and 4 months for the young. During the night, Norway rats are most active. Because of their high-pitched vocalizations and ability to swim and dig well, they make excellent pets.

  • Roof Rat Control

Compared to Norway rats, the roof rat is a much smaller rodent. They typically live between nine and twelve months. There is an average of six to eight puppies in each litter for females. Females have a gestation period of 21 days, and sexual maturity occurs between 3 and 4 months. The most common places to find roof rats are in densely populated neighbourhoods or by the seaside. They’re excellent climbers and can set up home in the nooks and crannies of buildings, roofs, and ships.

  • House Mouse Control

House mice are tiny. They live for about a year and a half. Every year, females can have anything from six to ten litters. With a gestation period of three weeks, a child reaches sexual maturity at around six weeks of age. Domestic house mice are curious creatures that can coexist with people indoors or outdoors.

Rodent Control Methods You Can Use

Glue traps, essential snap traps, and multi-mouse catching devices are all examples of physical traps. Compared to other chemical techniques of rodent control, trapping takes a lot more effort and time to complete. We employ this procedure less frequently because it is more expensive.

The following are examples of when rodent trapping is the best option:

  • Chemical pesticides are not permitted in specific locations, such as food processing plants.
  • Individual rodents that refuse to eat the bait can be caught and released.
  • Under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Regulations 2008, only licensed PCOs can employ glue traps in food production firms.

Getting Rid of Rodents Is Easy With Us! How

  • Inspection of the Area

A trained mice exterminator Torquay specialist will inspect your premises when you contact us about your rodent issue. They will determine what kind of rodent is prowling around, how much damage has been done, and where any nests are located.

  •  Baits and Traps

We use a variety of techniques to achieve the most significant outcomes. Various traps, bristle strips, adhesive boards, and other methods are some of them.

  • Chemical Treatment

Our rat pest control Torquay exterminator uses rodenticides and fumigation. Before they begin the rodent control work, they will know exactly what the treatment plan comprises. Non-chemical treatment options are preferred wherever possible

  • Following-Up Care

To keep your property free of rodents for the long run, mice exterminator Torquay treatment is a need. We’ll help you decide what repairs and renovations are necessary for your home. We’ll also provide you with some easy-to-follow pointers for keeping rats out of your home.

  •  Removal of dead rodents

We also remove the dead rats from your home after complete treatment. Also, you can call us for the removal of dead rodents for any other reason. 

Rat Exterminator Service Available Torquay-Wide

Rodent control is a specialty of ours, we are wholly licensed and well-trained. We use low-toxic ingredients to create safe solutions. As a result, we offer long-term benefits. Ignoring the infestation is a waste of time and money because it will return at a later period. In addition to providing emergency extermination, we also work to prevent pests from returning in the future. Torquay residents may ensure that our staff can quickly and effectively remove any pest problem. Pests like rats and mice will no longer be able to infest your homes due to this. As a result, don’t waste any time and action before the condition worsens. Everything’s best to leave it to the experts, who can handle it quickly and effectively.

To Get Fast And Affordable Rodent Control In Torquay, Call Us

Our Rodent Control Torquay specialists will carry out the rodent control operation following the plan. Glue boards, rodenticides, fumigation, bristle strips, and other treatments are used in conjunction. Because we care about the health of our customers & their families, and the environment, we prefer to employ non-chemical treatments whenever possible.

One of our certified pest management experts will come to your home to do a comprehensive inspection when you call us. The type of rodent, the severity of the problem, the presence of rat nests, and the property damage will all be determined during the evaluation and then we will start the treatment.


Why are rodenticides routinely used to get rid of rat and mouse infestations?

Rodenticides are routinely used to get rid of rat and mouse infestations. Rodenticides can kill the rodent with a single dose or repeated doses (chronic). The following are examples of acute rodenticides Norbormide, Alpha-Chloralose, Brodifacoum, Flocoumafen and Difenacoum. 

What are some exclusion and sanitation steps for rodent prevention?

Always explore for potential food, water, and shelter sources when attempting to prevent or control a rodent infestation. We also advise clearing clutter, excess vegetation in the garden, plumbing leaks, food wastes, nesting locations etc. Because mice may squeeze through openings as small as 8 mm, all doors must be sealed, no matter how small.

Do we provide emergency rodent control services in Torquay?

Contact us as soon as possible for rat pest control so that we can assist you. Our emergency or same-day rat pest control Torquay services are available anytime. Just give us a call regarding rat pest control, and we’ll be happy to assist you. On the initial call, you can also get a free price estimate.