Possum Removal Torquay

Your Local Torquay Possum Catchers Are Here With Us

We are a legal and reputed team for Possum Removal Torquay service so that you can rely on us for your possum removal needs. In addition to being destructive pests, possums are also capable of attacking in self-defence. In other words, don’t hesitate to give us a call if you suspect a possum problem on your property. You may expect our team of possum catchers to be at your location within a few hours and provide you with the best service possible. Furthermore, we don’t kill possums; instead, we leave them in their natural habitat. We abide by all rules and regulations.

To rid your property of possums, you need to hire us. While performing possum removal services, we are mindful of our customers’ well-being. Our Humane Possum removal team also removes dead possums. We know how to get rid of these creatures from any location. So, give us a call for the best Torquay possum trappers.

Possums, How To Recognize Them When You See One

Common Ringtail Possum

Grey in appearance, these possums have off-white spots on their stomachs and around their eyes. In weight and length, ringtail possums range from 500 to 1100 grams and measure between 30 and 35 centimetres. White tips on their tails and bare teeth are the most significant features of these creatures.

Common Bush-tail Possum

The brush-like tails of these possums are what gives them their name. Australia’s natural species of nocturnal pests. These possums are often black, grey, or a mix of the two. Australia is home to the Bush-tail Possum, which enjoys eating eucalyptus leaves.

Possum Removal: How Do We Do It?

We are the best possum removal company in Torquay to call for a thorough possum removal service. Possums are removed using a professional manner. The possum’s infestation will be eliminated from your property if our experienced and skilled crew follows the best technique. You can rely on us to deliver exceptional outcomes. When you hire us, we fulfil these three primary functions:

Inspection of the area

We do a complete assessment of your property to identify the presence of a possum infestation. Our inspection report determines the sort of possums that invaded your house. You should also find out what kinds of problems they’ve caused on your land. 

Trapping in cages and releasing them away

The possums will be caught in the traps we’ve set up. Our team of possum catchers will ensure that you and your family are protected during our procedure. We’ll release the possum once we’ve captured it and ensure it’s safe. We always adhere to a set process to ensure our customers receive the safest and most effective possum removal service.

Documentation and follow-up

And last but not least, we’ll do follow-up inspections to ensure no possums remain in your home. Furthermore, we provide that all payments and other details are adequately documented to maintain transparency. Get in touch with us today so that we can remove the possums from your property ASAP.

What’s the Purpose of Possum Removal?

Possums aren’t particularly dangerous to people, but things can get a little hairy if they decide to make a home in your attic or roof. Here are a few good reasons to get rid of possums in your yard.

An invading possum may wreak havoc on your home – So you should be prepared to deal with their enormous droppings and the pungent odour they emit when threatened.

Possums can carry diseases – Because they are not the cleanest of animals. Possums can have the condition. This is one of the most undesirable visitors to a home, as they bring many parasites and diseases.

Possums Damage Your Property – This Is True – Damage to your home can be done by possums residing in your basement, attic, or wall cavities. These marsupials can harm many materials, including ductwork and insulation.

Possums Can Destroy Your Garden – Beware! For a possum to live, it must be close to a source of constant food. In your backyard, perhaps? In addition to consuming your vegetables and fruits, it could trample your garden to the ground.

Possums Can Affect Your Animals — Your pet and the possum may get along, but that isn’t always the case. The possum may take your pet’s food, but it can also bring disease into your home.

Maintaining a Possum-Free Torquay Home And Business Is Our Priority

Removing Possums In Your House

If you don’t want possums living in your home, don’t. To tell if they’re in your house or not, you’ll only have to listen to their noise and see if they leave behind any feces. Possum pest control and inspection services are available on the very same day. One phone call is all it takes to get a possum out of your house in an emergency. Call us and select our year-round plan if you want to save even more money. We offer various flexible and cost-effective monthly options for possum removal services.

Possum Removal From Business Areas

Possums can intrude into your workplace or restaurant. We don’t want you to have possums creating a racket or polluting your food. So your office, restaurant, or another commercial establishment will be checked and protected by a highly-skilled Possum Removal team when you hire us.

Possum Inspection In A New Building

Although possums, a protected species in Australia, are occasionally a nuisance, they are not a significant problem. Possums usually die of natural causes, such as being caught, eating pest bait, or being attacked by other animals. We can inspect new buildings for possum infestation. Get in touch with our team for Possum Removal Torquay if this is the case. Our customer service professionals are here to help you every day of the year.

In Case of Emergency Possum Removal

Our customers can always rely on us to meet their expectations. A possum emergency might occur at any time. You don’t have to be alarmed in a crisis because we offer same-day professional possum removal. Contacting our 24-hour emergency service is easy.

Removal of Dead Possums To Protect You From All Harms

We provide Dead possum removal from your attic or basement as soon as possible to avoid the scent lasting for months. Something of value is more likely to get stained if it is in there. As soon as you don’t get professional help, it will be overrun by insects and larvae. Our team for Possum Removal Torquay can aid you in any issue with possums.

What Are the Benefits of Using Our Possum Removal Torquay Service?

Environmentally friendly

When it comes to removing possums from your home, we prefer to employ the most cutting-edge and environmentally friendly methods. It is entirely harmless to both humans and pets. We catch them in cages and release them into their habitat within 24 hours. 


All of our offerings are reasonably priced and of high quality. Our possum removal costs are reasonable, and our customers have no additional or hidden fees.

Licensed Specialist

Our team for Possum Removal Torquay is licensed and has qualified professionals who remove the possums from your property, ensuring that no harm is done to any one of them.


Torquay residents know they can count on us to provide the most excellent service. We are the best in all terms. Your home will be completely safe against possums once we are done with our possum-proofing and possum removal works. 

Same-Day Possum Extermination

There are no harmful effects to any of our possum removal procedures. We capture possums and return them to their native environment. Our top priority is to ensure the safety of both them and your possessions. It is for this reason that we offer same-day possum removal.


Why should you hire a professional to remove a possum from your property?

If you don’t treat possums with caution, they can be aggressive and dangerous. Furthermore, it is forbidden to kill a possum to catch and remove it from the property. As a result, it’s best to hire an expert to deal with the possum.

For possum pest management in Torquay, why should you use us?

If you have any questions, we’re here to help. We care about your home and your pet. Possums are transported securely to their natural habitat by our team of professionals.

Why do we provide services to keep possums out of your home?

Our goal is to assist you control and removing the possum from your home using eco-friendly and organic services available around the clock. You can count on us for fast, affordable, emergency and same-day services.